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What God is teaching…Natasha.

Hi, everyone! I was thinking about interviews and realized that although I have been “interviewing” people and therefore writing up lots of interviews- I never did one myself!

So, even though there are going to be some really exciting ones coming up (so make sure you check back or sign up for email updates!) today is going to be just me.

What has God been teaching you lately?

3 things.

Number One: Tasha, you were not created to wander through life looking for safe comfortable places to snuggle in. You were created to go out to the places where people hurt and are hurting and BE A SAFE PLACE FOR THEM. Love your friends even if they make you bleed. Love your enemies even if they scare you or harm you. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Don’t look at yourself. DON’T. Trust that I will take care of you. If you’re hurting, bleeding, broken… do you believe that I can heal you? I can, Natasha. I can. Trust that I will.

Number two: Embrace my Word. Discipline, my daughter, is essential! In discipline you will find freedom. You are “free” to do anything you want. Salvation cannot be bought or earned. But when you willingly place restrictions on your freedom,  you allow me to work in your life. You allow me to mold you. To refine you. I want to make you like gold refined. Cleaned up. Filled with ME.

Number three: I love you. I love the way you get excited over broccoli salad and giggle when you finish a good book. I love the way you scribble notes all over the house and forget where you put them. I love the way you spin around in the driveway when you get home and the stars are out.

 I know that I have been working at refining you, cleaning up a few of the dirty sinful things in your heart, but, my beautiful daughter, that doesn’t mean that I don’t see the things that I love about you. I have a perfect view of you. I see the person your sinful nature wants you to be and I also see the person that I created you to be. I love that person, Natasha Dawn. And I plan on using you to further my kingdom and then, when the time comes, spending eternity with you.

What is something practical you’ve done in your Christian walk to further your relationship with Christ?

Over the past couple years I’ve tried to pray specifically. It’s very easy to pray in broad terms… Lord, bless her. Help her know you more. But lately, I’ve worked at praying particular things… Lord, I pray that you would send her a mentor in the faith who is able to speak truth into the areas where she is struggling. And then! I get to wait and watch!

I think I was always afraid of praying like this because I feared that God would “not answer” and I would start doubting his power. What a wrong view! Basically, I didn’t trust him! God wants to “wow” us. He wants to show his strength in our lives! No, he doesn’t always say, “Yes.” And he doesn’t always answer the way we think (that specific prayer- about that girl- she ended up reading a book that “mentored” her. I never thought of that when I prayed! But I saw the hand of God moving still…)

If you could encourage the girls who read this to do one thing, what would it be?

Become transparent.

When we “hide” things in our lives, Satan gains control. The Bible says in many places that we need to bring light to the things in darkness. Our flesh thinks that if we admit our sins, or our short-comings, or our fears- then people will stop loving us or despise us or… etc… but that isn’t TRUTH. The truth is that when we admit our failings, we are set free. (And often, those we share with are set free from things in their own lives as well!) Satan only has power over the hidden.

Girls, live your lives openly. Be transparent. Don’t allow Satan to control you. Live in the light!

What is a resource you have used to further your walk with the Lord?

Studying the lives of missionaries. I have dozens of books that tell the story of missionaries around the world. Out of all of them, Jungle Pilot, the story of Nate Saint, probably impacted me the most.

The other thing is taking prayer walks. There have been many periods in my life when the only thing that kept me going was my daily prayer walk. I would find a woods, or a field, or a stream… someplace I could go and talk out loud to God without interruption. It has been literally “living water” for me.

Natasha is married to Amos and lives in a little brown house on Tug Hill.


Call for Help.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! It’s “interview month” again and I’ve not done a very good job at keeping up with the interviews. I’ve been working hard at finishing the novel that I started several years ago and thankfully, am almost finished with the first draft!

The good part: You all are invited to help me out with this! There are two ways to help.

1. Interview someone. It can be a friend, a relative, your mom… anyone!

2. Fill out the interview form yourself! We’d LOVE to hear about what God is teaching you!

The basic questions are…

What has God been teaching you about lately? (Or, what is a verse or chapter from the Bible that God has used to speak to you?)

What is something practical you’ve done in your Christian walk to further your relationship with Christ?

If you could tell the girls who read this one thing, what would it be?

What is a resource (book, DVD, CD, Bible Study, etc…) that has helped you in your relationship with God?
Add a short biography about yourself (or the interviewed person) and a picture (if you want).

Email the interview to womenofpromise@ymail.com

One more note: Don’t feel like you need to have something “great” to share! The point of this is to hear what God is teaching REAL people. RIGHT now.

Can’t wait to hear from you all!

Journaling (1)

We are going to be doing a short series of “picture entries” that show glimpses of women’s journals. We hope that through these glimpses you will be encouraged and inspired to begin/continue journaling about your own relationship with God.

From Natasha’s Journals




Isn’t it wonderful that God promises to make us whiter than snow? Anyone who has watched the crisp cleanness of new snow settling over the dreary brown of fall can understand what a lovely concept that is!

Although, I did hear one time that when people were translating the Bible into a language of people who had never seen snow, they compared it to the inside of a coconut. Having spent time in tropical countries, I understand that as well!

For the past two days my husband and I have been snowed in our little cabin, watching the snow whip past our windows. We ventured out once during the windy part, to check on things in the barn, then snuggled back in until the wind stopped howling.

There is nothing more beautiful than stepping outside after a storm. The air is heavy and quiet. Everywhere you look there is thick whiteness. All sharp edges are rounded and soft looking.

Isn’t that what God does in our hearts? Every time we fall to our knees and let him touch us- allow him to pour himself into us- it’s like a snow storm enters our hearts. It might feel cold or scary or painful even, for a time, but in the end when our hearts are purified by his love- we look like the outdoors after a snow storm.

And I believe that God sits back and looks around and thinks, “There is nothing more beautiful than this.”