The Warrior-Girl

She was small. Dark hair. Pretty eyes. She didn’t look like much but she wielded a sword like no other. Very few people knew that she went to war but almost daily she could be see, if one would search for her, walking towards the battle grounds with her sword strapped to her side.

The enemy knew her. He knew her well. He tried everything to distract her. The most handsome travelers would come through her town. They would seek her out but she always smiled and said she was waiting for someone special. Then away she went, away to the battlefield.

The enemy found friends to distract her with. “Come,” They would say, “Come have tea with us this afternoon.” But she would always shake her head. “The King needs me.” She told them and off she would go. Away to the battlefield.

The enemy would attack those closest to her. Her sisters. Her brothers. Her parents. But that only made her fight harder and fiercer.

The enemy would throw darts at her. They said things like, “You’re ugly.” Or, “Nobody cares about you.” Or, “You won’t accomplish anything with your life.” It worked on most other girls. If nothing else distracted them, the insult darts would. But not this one. She threw back darts of her own. They said things like, “I’m created in God’s image.” Or, “Jesus loves me.” Or, “He’s already accomplishing things through me.” Eventually they stopped throwing darts at her, they were just a waste of time.

All of the enemy was afraid of her sword. It was well-worn but sharp and fit in her hand perfectly. When it came down on them, there was no escape. She would sing sometimes as she fought and that scared them even more. Who wants to do battle with a girl who is singing songs of life? Over and over she would cry, “For the King!” And charge in.

Not everyone respected her. They had no idea that she was fighting battles for them. They thought she was no fun. They thought she was too focused. The enemy tried to use these people to distract her but it was no use; she would just lift her sword and fight on.

The enemies biggest fear is that she will team up with a Warrior-man and take them on. Because of this they try daily to distract her with other things. The travelers come often, handsome and charming, clever and funny, caring and sensitive. But the Warrior-Girl holds fast. She’ll know her knight when she sees him. Her Warrior-Man. For he will be standing tall, speaking of the King, with a worn sword strapped upon his side.


One response to “The Warrior-Girl

  1. Thank Lord for all warriors of Great King.
    Be blessed for sharing all that beauty.

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