Women of Promise

2012 Retreat

“The truth project”

What do you believe? Why do you believe it? What is truth?

February 23, 24 & 25 , 2012

For more information email:



14 responses to “Events

  1. i can’t wait!!!:)

  2. me either it will be so much fun

  3. Cheri Siegrist

    Mary and I will be there. Mary says – That sounds great!!

  4. when is our next meeting gonna be??

  5. Can’t wait! See you all there! =)

  6. What time is it? When should we come? I’m so excited! =)

  7. Can you send us some extra brochures? I invited some other girls.

  8. The message above is from Aila, it just came out in my name

  9. you’ll have to ask my mom

  10. Rebekah is 13. Is this for her age group?

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  12. It was very FUN!

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