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Scrapbook Journaling

Hey, girls! Just sending out a little reminder (and informing those who may have missed the last meeting!) about our “homework” from the last WoP meeting.

Meghan talked to us about who we are. Not just daughters, sisters, friends, etc… but who we are in Christ. She challenged us to take time this month to find a verse in the Bible that tells us something about ourselves. Then scrapbook journal about it and bring it to the next meeting (Which is April 30th, in case you forgot!)

I’m going to post mine on here, to give you some ideas in case you’re not sure what we’re asking!

Love you all! Hope you all can make it on the 30th!



Still time!

For anyone interested in attending the 2011 retreat, there is still time to sign-up! Send us an email!


2011 Retreat!

“Reckless Abandonment”

What does it mean to give everything to God?

February 24-26, 2011

Girls, Ages 10-15

The retreat starts Thursday, Feb. 24th at 7pm

It ends Saturday, Feb. 26th at 12pm

Location: The Farney Camp in Croghan (Directions will be posted soon!)  There will also be transportation from Rhema (New Day) if needed.  We will be leaving from the Rhema parking lot at  6:30pm on the 24th and the girls will be returned there at 12:30pm on the 26th.

Cost: $25 per person. (If there is a problem with this, give us a call! Our hope is for all to come who would like to.)

Meals are included.

To receive a registration form send an email to

Write “2011 Retreat” in the subject line.

Questions: Call Cheri @ 315-377-3062 or email

Girls! I am so excited about this upcoming retreat! We have some great things planned. Meghan took time to talk to a lot of you, checking to see what things you wanted to see happen again at this years retreat. So, be ready for more creative journaling, games, question and answer times, and personal stories of how God has worked in people’s lives!  Hope to see you there! -Natasha

Just so you all know…

We’re taking a short break from interviews for the month of June. We’re all pretty busy preparing for Delite’s wedding but don’t worry! We’ll return to our normal posting when the festivities are completed.

Call for Help.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! It’s “interview month” again and I’ve not done a very good job at keeping up with the interviews. I’ve been working hard at finishing the novel that I started several years ago and thankfully, am almost finished with the first draft!

The good part: You all are invited to help me out with this! There are two ways to help.

1. Interview someone. It can be a friend, a relative, your mom… anyone!

2. Fill out the interview form yourself! We’d LOVE to hear about what God is teaching you!

The basic questions are…

What has God been teaching you about lately? (Or, what is a verse or chapter from the Bible that God has used to speak to you?)

What is something practical you’ve done in your Christian walk to further your relationship with Christ?

If you could tell the girls who read this one thing, what would it be?

What is a resource (book, DVD, CD, Bible Study, etc…) that has helped you in your relationship with God?
Add a short biography about yourself (or the interviewed person) and a picture (if you want).

Email the interview to

One more note: Don’t feel like you need to have something “great” to share! The point of this is to hear what God is teaching REAL people. RIGHT now.

Can’t wait to hear from you all!