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Friday Footsteps

I KNOW a short post that reminds us about who God is…

So Many Things To Love Meghan’s post about her first week at Focus on the Family Leadership Institute


Friday Footsteps

Looking for some interesting things to examine on the web? Here are some places to spend a few minutes.

Meet Grace:

Missionary to Uganda. This interview with a truly set-apart young lady is full of encouragement and the reminder that we are here to serve.


Meet Katie:

A modern day Amy Carmichael, Katie’s website is full of stories of God’s faithfulness to her and the children who have become her family.


Pictures of the Relief work in Haiti

SonLight Mission is where Amos and Natasha lived for seven months. There was not much damage to the actual mission but they are now putting efforts into relief work.


Everything Skit

A well-done production that tells the story of Christ’s redemption.