Women of Promise was originally a group started in 2005.  The group consisted of five teenage girls and two leaders. The goal was to establish a place of encouragement for young women who longed to follow hard after God.

The original “five” have all graduated high school and some are headed for college, so in an attempt to still offer encouragement and a place to get ideas and prayers and support- we are launching the Women of Promise Website.

Women of Promise Leaders:

Natasha S. Metzler (read her blog)

Natasha is married to Amos Metzler. As a single woman, Natasha spent time doing mission work that took her into three different countries and several states.  She and her husband now run a dairy farm.

Cheri L. Siegrist

Cheri is married to Brian. They have recently planted a church in Southern Lewis County. She has raised four children and is grandmother to seven! She is gifted in music and writing and has ministered to countless people over the years.

Meghan Harney (read her blog)

Meghan is currently attending college. She was a member of the “original five” WoP girls and has since graduated to leadership!  Meghan is graceful and lovely, both on the inside and out.  God is raising her up to be a mighty woman of influence! 

Delite Lago

Delite is married to Jordan Lago. She is fun, full of life and devoted to her King. She feels God’s call to help connect the church (as a whole) together. She is gifted in music and teaching. Currently, she and Jordan are running a lawn care business.

Brianna Jean March Siegrist (read her blog)

Brianna is married to Ezra. They live in Castorland, having moved to New York 6 years ago, when their son Eric, was just born. They have twin 4 year old girls, Aurora and Giselle… Brianna homeschools Eric and will start homeschooling the twins in the fall. She loves ballet, and flowers, and sparkly things, and needlework, (and NOT cleaning her kitchen…) She is also a wonderful teacher of the Word of God, filled with sensitivity to the Spirit. She and her husband run Dayan Street Auto.

August Christman (read her blog)

August is full of life and fun and laughter. Her heart is to worship God.

In her words:

 “Everything I am now I give it to you, Jesus, to remake and to perfect for your glory! Open my ears to hear everything I don’t wanna miss a beat of your heart.”


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  1. Very cool! So how do I get updated? Or should I just bookmark it and check every day??

    Awesome, Natasha! So how was Haiti? Are you going back anytime soon??

    Talk to you soon,

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